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herbal bath water sensitive skin
(Kashaya Snana Choornam) Herbal Bath Water for Sensitive Skin



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(Kashaya Snana Choornam) Herbal Bath Water for Sensitive Skin

(Kashaya Snana Choornam) Herbal Bath Water for Sensitive Skin

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Do you have skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis? Ayurveda tells us that adding skin healing herbs to the bath water helps control such skin conditions and speeds skin healing.

Try the Krya Kashaya Snana Choornam for sensitive skin. This product si used to make a herbal bath bath water for sensitive skin. It is a traditional product made from a well researched mixture of skin healing Ayurvedic herbs. Please follow the steps given in our how to use tab to prepare the Kashaya Snana Choornam correctly.

Use as often as possible added to your bath for best results. Works along with the Krya sensitive range of products. Not recommended for pregnant women or infants.

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Product Description

Do you have skin conditions like Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, or Psoriasis? Did you know that Ayurveda recommends supercharging your daily bath with herbs and bathing in herbal bath water to treat sensitive skin conditions?

Ayurveda advises the consistent application of skin healing, regenerative, and wound healing herbs consistently through the day through herbal bath water for sensitive skin, as a dusting powder, as lepana (bath powder preparations), and as external tailas (healing oils). This repeated application of herbs through different formats on the skin layers on nuanced bio-actives extracted in different mediums like water, oil and as a herbal powder onto the skin.

A Snana or a Bath, in Ayurveda, itself has multiple health benefits if done correctly. Adding herbs to further supercharge ordinary bath water is a unique Ayurvedic practice. This is specifically advised during different lifestage conditions such as after childbirth, in seasons like Winter, as an essential part of baby care. However a herbal bath using herbal bath water can be had by all – it is extremely refreshing, soothing, grounding, and relaxing and has multiple skin and healing benefits.

Benefits of herbal bath water for sensitive skin:

By adding specific herbs to water, we make the water more healing and balancing. In the case of sensitive skin, adding skin healing herbs like Khadira, Daruharidra, help soothe skin itchiness and add to the healing process. In long term skin issues, you may also spray on this herbal bath water 2-3 times a day to deliver the herbal actives into skin.

By using these herbs repeatedly in different products like a body wash, ubtan, and herbal oil (apart from in the bathw after), we are sending micro healing doses of the botanicals into skin, giving it many ways to improve healing.

How to Use & Storage

For the exact instructions on how to use it, please check our how to use tab. Store the powder ina  clean, dry, air-tight container. The herbal deocotion must be made fresh every day. Do not store the deocotion and reuse.


Skin issues are considered a long-term healing process in Ayurveda. Holistic practices like controlling stress and anxiety, watching your diet, and being consistent with your skincare program yields results. However, always start small and build your routine slowly and consistently.

Patch test

A patch test is recommended every time you start using any new hair or skin product. Although Ayurveda uses safe natural herbs, few of us could be allergic to natural ingredients as well. So patch test is always recommended.



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    Product is very good. Results are good from day 1

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