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A life close to Nature

A little scrap of plastic packaging has been worrying Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy for some time now. The couple, which runs Krya, an environmentally sustainable cosmetics and detergent brand, lives a near zero-waste life at home and in the factory inside the Biotech Park, Siruseri, 30-odd km from the city.

15 Indian Businesses That Deserve Your Custom For Promoting Sustainability

In the words of a famous muppet, it ain’t easy being green. Walk into a local department store and one’s likely to be surrounded by products that prioritise disposability and convenience over the environment. An informed and conscientious customer must read the fine print in every product label to analyse the lifecycle of a product, how it affects the user and the environment.

Green warriors: Entrepreneurs and innovators inspire change with eco-friendly business ideas

Here is a look at how entrepreneurs and innovators are promoting the best environment friendly ideas.


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