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About Us

We are Krya.

We create Transformative, safe and environmentally sustainable skin, hair and home care products inspired by Ayurvedic science.

Every product is made with reverence, respect & precision

We started Krya with India’s first 100% plant based detergent

soapberry detergent - the soapberry tree

Because household care products are notoriously polluting. They pollute and harm at every stage during their manufacturing and finally when we use them at home.

We made ours from 100% ethically sourced, wild-grown soapberries. And you could use ours in a washing machine. We made ours without any water. Plus you could directly reuse your wash water in your garden. So the entire laundry cycle becomes water positive.  

We then added a Dishwash to our green home cleaning range. 

We slowly added skincare. hair care. And lots more.

As our tribe started to experience our products, they asked us to enter newer categories. We learned. Tested. Refined. And then added more products across skincare, hair care, home care.

We expanded our offerings and made products for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, pregnant women, men, women, and senior citizens. 

We follow the principles of Authentic Classical Ayurveda

Krya's classical ayuredic process

To create a truly natural, truly safe, and truly effective range of hair, skin and home care products, you need a system. Many years ago (fortunately), we stumbled onto Ayurveda.

We study Ayurveda, and apply the timeless principles of Ayurveda across how we formulate, the hers we use in our products, and how we manufacture each product.

This makes our products truly safe. truly effective. timeless. yet safe & sustainable. 

Truly Green. No washing.

Environmental Sustainability and reverence for soil, water and our planet is baked in by design into every part of our process. Our products are made from clean, whole, 100% raw herbs, grains clays and oils which are compostable, biodegradable and do not burden soil or water during manufacturing or use or after life.

We carefully source indigenous, heritage or wild raw ingredients to conserve soil and biodiversity.

Bootstrapped, Independent & self Funded

Krya - expanded range

Krya is a proudly independent, self-funded, boot strapped Indian startup. We are 100% founder owned. This funding decision helps us stay locked on and focused on our vision and how we would like to do business.

Dharmic Indian Business

We are proud of our Divya bhoomi. The wealth of India lies in her unique understanding of the human existence, our moral and ethical code as defined in our Puranas, Itihasas and Scriptures. 

We believe that this gives Indian businesses (if they choose it) a unique advantage and a wholly Indian way of doing business and framing how they solve problems. 

At Krya, we try to apply the Indian principles of Dharma in business, and try to give back to our tribe and the entire community as generously as we have received. 


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