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Krya Dauhridini Skin Oil – For Pregnant Women

Krya Dauhridini Skin Oil – For Pregnant Women

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1. The Krya Dauhridini Skin Oil is designed for use by Pregnant Women to help with a condition called “Kikkisa” in Ayurveda

2. From the 6th Month on-wards, due to rapid devlopement in the foetus, the skin is stretched and the there is a aggravation of all three doshas.  This could cause itching and burning along the stretched skin. “Kikkisa” is the collective term in Ayurveda given  to the  itching , burining and stretch marks created. These marks are also called as “Striae Gravidarum”

3.This Skin oil is soothes & nourishes the stretched skin, giving relief to the itching and burning sensations. With regular use it can also help lighten these stretch marks.

4. This is NOT a Abhyanga or massage oil.

5. Please read the usage instructions given below carefully

6. Like all the Krya Oils , this product has also been manufactured in classical Ayurvedic “Tila Paki Veedhi ” method. 

7. This is a 100 ml bottle with an MRP of Rs 590.00

8. All Krya products are Vegan & Cruelty-free.

9. We offer free shipping in India for orders above Rs 1000 . COD option is also available in most pin-codes.

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Product Description

Dauhridini : The One with Two Hearts  

1. Around the 4th month of the pregnancy, the foetal organs , including the heart , start developing distinctly.  So at this stage , the pregnant woman is described as the  Dauhridini or the “The One With Two-Hearts”. It is also at this stage that the foetus is able to communicate its own needs to the mother and this expresses itself as the unusual pregnancy cravings.

“Kikkisa : An Ayurvedic Condition “

2. From the 6th month onwards, there is a rapid development in the foetus, which in turn causes Tridoshic vitiation in the mother.

3. Due to the rapid increase in foetal size, the skin is stretched and this results in linear scars or stretch marks, on the abdomen, hips , thighs and lower back. Due to the Tridoshic vitiation, there could be hyper-pigmentation, itching, burning and redness along these stretch marks. This condition is collectively called as “Kikkisa” in Ayurveda.These stretch marks are also called as “Striae Gravidarum”.

4. The Krya Dauhridini Skin Oil is a nourishing and moisturzing oil with soothing herbs to balance pitta dosha and astringent herbs to control vitiated-kapha.

5. In this special oil, we have used organic musk melon for its sweet, soothing pitta-balancing property, Banana Stem for healing, skin-regenerating , kapha balancing properties. We have also use hoary skin healing and soothing herbs like Yashti, Daru Haridra & Khadira in a suitable base of sesame & neem oils.

6. Regular , topical application of this skin oil, gives relief from the itching and burning sensations. There is also a reduction in the stretch marks, which becomes less prominent with use.

7. The primary purpose of this Skin oil it to nourish and soothe the stretched skin and therrby reduce the itching , burning sensations associated with this conditon (Kikkisa). If used regularly from the onset of the stretch marks, it can also help lighten these marks.

8.This nourishing, moisturzing oil can applied topically on the body where needed, both before & after the bath.


Additional Information

Weight 100 g


3 reviews for Krya Dauhridini Skin Oil – For Pregnant Women

  1. Jotsna Iyer

    My skin is prone to stretch marks. I’ve a lot from puberty and my mother’s still show the voilent passage of my sister and me. I used the dauhridini oil from the 4th month of pregnancy once every night , without expecting a great result. Guess my surprise after the delivery when all I had was two small marks in the side I preferred to sleep – about 2 cm and 1 cm long and quite superficial! Now I recommend the oil to all would be mothers among family and friends.

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  2. Febin Sagir (verified owner)

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  3. Aparna Srinikethan (verified owner)

    Not yet used, will be using in few days

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