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How to use an Ayurvedic Hair wash powder

Preparing an ayurvedic hair wash powder correctly #

Make a thick, non drippy paste like pancake or idly batter using cool water. The paste should not be watery or drippy. There should be no lumps in the paste.

Preparing the hair #

Ensure your hair is well oiled before hair wash. Detangle and comb the hair just before hair wash

How to use an Ayurvedic hair wash powder correctly #

Carefully apply the product in sections all over the scalp. Focus on the scalp first and ensure the paste is applied well onto scalp

Do not rub or pull the hair during application. Work the product in using a uni-directional , even application. If you rub the product back and forth, you could tangle or break hair. After completing the scalp, apply the product in an even unidirectional manner on the hair.

Leave the product on for 5 – 10 minutes as you complete the rest of your bath.

How to rinse out an ayurvedic hair wash choornam #

An ayurvedic hair wash powder must be rinsed out very well. In Krya’s formulations we use natural resins and gums for their added scalp benefits. As they bind together with the hair and scalp, it is essential to rinse them out cleanly and properly.

Use clean cool water to rinse out the paste from hair. Direct the water flow across the length of hair to ensure the paste is rinsed out completely from scalp and hair.

When you rinse the product out correctly, the hair must feel clean, smooth and tangle free. The rinse water appears clear (if you have the product in your hair, the rinse water will look brownish).

Video – How to use the Krya ayurvedic hair wash powder #

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