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Basics of Ayurveda & Health

Ayurveda : the mother lode offering health, harmony, balance, philosophy and a moral code

Ayurvedic basics 1: The Origins of Ayurveda

Why is it important to understand the Origins of Ayurveda? Krya has been working with ayurvedic herbs and formulations for over 5 years now. Yet in all this time , we have not contemplated any series on Ayurveda or discussed…

Ayurvedic properties and benefits of Daruharidra (Berberis aristata)

Which is the ayurvedic root bark which has anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti-viral, and anti diabetic properties which is great to use for skin both as a lepa or as a dusting powder? Well to be honest, given the vast pharmacopoeia of herbs available in Ayurveda, this could refer to any one of the thousands of amazing Ayurvedic herbs. But, in this post, it refers to Daruharidra or the “Tree Turmeric” herb in Ayurveda. Read on to find out more.
Featured image for abhyanga post on menstrual cramps

The Abhyanga and its benefits on reducing period pain & menstrual cramps

An Abhyanga is a valuable Dinacharya which helps regulate dosha balance and overall health in everyone. It is particularly valuable for Women and is an excellent scientific tool that helps regulate reproductive health. A regular abhyanga can help make the menstrual period regular with minimal cramping, bloating and discomfort. Why is this so? In this post we will look at the various benefits that a regular abhyanga has on reproductive health.
Time for a digital detox?

6 Ayurvedic strategies for an Effective Digital Detox

A Digital Detox is the need of the hour for nearly all of us today.  Research tells us that when we practice a digital detox , our memory becomes sharper, we are able to sleep deeper, our posture becomes better, we are able to form more meaningful connections with people, and that we are open to more life changing perspectives and decisions. A Digital Detox program. A conversation on another group I am a part of spurred this post. The author of the post shared that she felt that she was “digitally addicted” to social media and found that she had developed a need to stay connected and consume vast amounts of information. So she reached out asking for help and suggestions to help her digitally de-addict. The number of responses in this discussion made me realize how much of a digital addiction problem all of us have. I began working at a time when I had no cell phone. I have even resisted using a cellphone for 2 – 3 years entirely and I avoided using a smartphone or using apps for a very long time. Yes even I find myself inexorably drawn to my smartphone. The ease of buying with pre-installed apps has left even someone like me, a self confessed Luddite, far more digitally addicted than I would like to be.   Therefore I have written this post drawing on ayurvedic strategies to help everyone do a Daily digital detox. This post also shares the ayurvedic reasoning behind this, explains about the nature of vata dosha and how vata dosha is powerfully aggravated with digital addiction and what we can do everyday to control this addiction. Background  for digital detox: Why it is critical to keep Vata Dosha in balance We are all made of a combination […]
The importance of ayurvedic Ritucharya

Ultimate Guide to Ayurvedic Ritucharya

Ritucharya (seasonal guidelines for good health ) and Dinacharya (daily living guidelines) are two cornerstones of  health as per Ayurveda. The Indian knowledge systems have divided the year into six different seasons of two months each. Due to the movement of the Sun through the year, the different parts of Earth experience the different seasons ( also called Ritu) In each season or Ritu, the environmental factors impact our bodies in different ways. Therefore for each season Ayurvedic acharyas have given us clear guidelines that cover daily regimen, food and drink, exercise, Abhyanga, clothing, places to go to or avoid , gems , flowers, fragrances & accessories that can be used etc. By following these Ritucharya rules, we can prevent diseases due to seasonal weather changes and maintain good health through the year. Many lifestyle disorders can be controlled with sincere implementation of Dinacharya and Ritucharya guidelines.  For example, did you know our bodies are at their weakest during the hot summer (greeshma ritu) season ? Therefore we should avoid vigorous exercise during this seaoson and beginners should avoid starting a new exercise routine during summers     Why is Ayurvedic Ritucharya so important? Why does following seasonal guidelines help improve our health and sense of well being? In this guide, we will also the answers. We will also share the detailed instructions for each season , based on Authentic Ayurvedic references. Adana Kala vs Visarga Kala: An Ayurvedic concept: Depending upon the movement of the Sun, the Ayurvedic Acharyas have divided the year into 2 parts of 6 months each. Each of these 6 month periods have 3 seasons of 2 months each. Hence we experience 6 seasons according to Ayurevda: each lasting 2 months. 3 seasons fall in Adana Kala and 3 seasons fall into Visarga Kala. Shishira (late […]

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