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Basics of Ayurveda & Health

What is Pitta Dosha ?

The Three Doshas in Ayurveda The building blocks of the Human body are Vata dosha , Pitta dosha & Kapha dosha. This Tridosha principle is a very important fundamental concept in Ayurveda Naturally this concept leads to many questions – What…

The ultimt compilation of teh benefits of henna

Benefits of Henna | Lawsonia inermis

Henna . Mehndi Leaf. Marudhani Illai. If you are in the Indian subcontinent, you would have definitely encountered this beautiful leaf that dyes your skin a pretty shade of orange red. And you might have grown up seeing many women…

Ritucharya : Sharad Ritu Guidelines – Part 1

It is mid-September and we are at the cusp of another season, Sharad Ritu. For every season we release Ritucharya guidelines as a part of our overall work on health and wellness. Why is it important to follow Ritucharya? Ayurveda…


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