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Rapunzel Rachelle – my hair journey

This post was last updated on August 12, 2021 by Preethi Sukumaran

This is a guest post written by Rachelle Chandran , a writer who explores subjects like environmental sustainability, feminism, spirituality, politics and other current issues.
The Backstory
I am a South Indian. I can hear groans of “do you madrasis always have to mention it?” And, yes you, wonderful reader, this time, you are right. I am a ‘madrasi’ but not born in Madras (wink wink). And, yes like most tamizh people, my mother used to oil my hair copiously and I used to wash my hair only once a week. So, as a child, I had super-straight, silky black hair. I mean, not to sound boastful, but my hair would have made to the ads for hair straightening and smoothening products. Yes, it was that good!

Painting of Empress Elisabeth of Austria with thigh length hair in 1865 – by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Fast-forward many years later, I suffered a long-drawn illness. It affected many things, including my hair (I was least bothered about it). And, during the past 4 years, I tried many alternative and traditional medicine and healing techniques to recuperate. All this while, the hair was not my focus because I had other major things in my physical and mental state that needed care.
The ‘winter is coming’ phase
Aug 12th blog post pic 3 winter is coming

Me: during the white flakes phase
Pic courtesy : HBO , Game of Thrones Series

Then, one day, I was casually scratching my scalp (as one usually does) and lo! And behold, there suddenly there was an outpour of white, tiny flakes. Winter was definitely coming! (Sorry, I had to say that). And, my nail bed had the most disgusting greyish grime-wax. These dandruff flakes were so bad, even my eyebrows had those flaky things.
Now they could have been dry skin flaking off, combined with the excess sebum production in my hair and dust that invariably accumulates during travel. If you have this sort of dandruff, read Dandruff dojo part 1 and part 2 on the krya blog. Before you go ahead and judge me, I must tell you I did use all those expensive salon-recommended shampoos and conditioners. And, they did help. But only for 2-3 days. But my scalp would return to their horror after that, forcing me to wash my hair 2-3 times a week. And for all my fellow long-haired men and women, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.
Also, I have to mention here that my hair was in this condition even without using any heating tools or colouring. But even with all the expensive shampoos, hair spa, and every other product, my scalp and hair health were dying a slow death.
As a personal healing journey, I started eating better and using eco-friendly and vegan products. I was shocked at the chemical output we put out in every product that we use and how it affects the earth and the multiple ecosystems in it. The first to go was my shampoo, body wash, face wash, and detergent. It was hard. Because I was attached to my shampoo-conditioner that I had to use 3 times a week to clean my hair, that smelled amazing and made me hair fall in natural curls.
The No-poo journey
I tried being ‘no-poo’. Because I saw the so-called ‘natural/organic’ products also had chemicals that were masked under ‘Indian-proud’ product prop. My intention of trying a natural lifestyle was more for the Earth/environment than for myself at this point. I couldn’t imagine the amount of soap-water that goes to the earth and endangers animals, fish and just multiple organisms, just from me.
So, I tried the classic baking soda, apple cider vinegar combination. The holy grail of no-poo lifestyle. I also tried tea washes, herbal flower washes. The latter worked but the former didn’t. I was part of a support group which was no-poo who all had wonderful results from BS/AC combo. Most were European/American, some were Indian. And as per the no-poo process, your hair/scalp will go through a detoxifying journey from all the chemicals dumped on it for years. So everyone goes through the process and for some it is harder than others. But in that process, my hair was falling out so much, I really needed an alternative. And I had been no-poo for close to a year and nothing had improved much.
How I found Krya
I am usually not the one to play the ‘Indians have a long history of innovation even before the dinosaurs’ card. But truly, Indians have washed their hair without shampoos and have had reasonably (awesome) hair and scalp health. So, I searched and searched for a product that would have organic products, vegan, no animal testing, would list all their products, and works well for my hair/scalp.
Surprise! I found Krya. I started with their clothes wash and dish wash. It was great. Then they had a hair wash powder. I tried it. But it just seemed to not be working for my hair. I have used hair powders before, so it really wasn’t about the convenience. The product didn’t wash off grime as well as I would have liked, those little grains stayed in my long hair and created so much tangle and knots that combing my hair was an exhausting upper arm workout. So, I stopped using it. And just washed my hair with water.
Aug 12th blog post pic 2 brave

Me, unable to comb my hair and feeling ‘Brave’

Picture courtesy – Pixar Animation Studios & Walt Disney Pictures

Finding the treasure-trove
The real breakthrough happened with the anti-dandruff hair mask, Krya launched. I had the anti-dandruff hair wash, it worked well for my hair. But the hair mask, just after one wash. And I really mean one wash, my hair was super smooth and all the white flakes were gone! The anti-dandruff hair wash removed all the grime. My hair was also easy to comb through.
Then, Krya launched the anti-dandruff hair oil. So, I used this triple threat. All my dry flakes/grime was gone. And, I went back to washing my hair only once a week. My hair when braided had such thickness, I was surprised. A little more than five months into washing my hair with Krya products and I am super excited to tell you that my hair is awesome!
And to satisfy the environment-love in me, the water from the hair wash/mask is recyclable. I mean, I would have continued using their product just for the environment sustainability and the no-animal testing values they hold. But, getting my hair- super soft, smooth, shiny, and most importantly manageable was truly a gift I had not expected. And, especially in such a short time. Now, my hair is back to proudly attempt auditions for hair products 😉
Aug 12th blog post pic 1 rachelle

Rachelle is a writer. She loves to write about things that matter to her deeply , be it environment sustainability, spirituality, politics, current labour issues, feminism, and other sensitive and seemingly controversial topics. She is an ardent fan of books, grumpy cat, and krya (needless to say). ‘Limited’ in this world but ‘unlimited’ in her imagination, she tries to merge those two worlds of parallel realities and has failed so far. But the experiments continue.

(Actual super-shiny hair with curls.
No filter or effects added.)

Krya would like to thank Rachelle for several things : her generous support of our work, constant feedback on both our products and the information we share – this helps us validate what is useful for our readers and also helps us refine our product formulations. Most importantly, Thank you Rachelle for sharing your hair care journey so authentically and generously for all our readers!
What Rachelle has shared today about the effect of synthetic products is literally the tip of the iceberg. Besides triggering contact dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis (full blown dandruff), synthetic shampoos are extremely harmful for hair health in the long run, are loaded with unnecessary chemicals and are extremely harmful and toxic to the planet and the other living beings that share this earth with us.
We were there too, right where Rachelle was a few years ago – with hair that wouldn’t grow, chronic dandruff and colour and treatment damaged hair. From there, we have seen remarkable transformative results when we removed the toxins, cleaned up our diet and used health giving, completely natural products. This experience inspired the many Krya hair and skin formulations that you see today, because we wanted to give many more people the same health giving benefits we had experienced for ourselves.
To inspire more and more people to make the switch, we are celebrating this August as the Krya Hair Olympics Month.
Do you want stronger, healthier better hair? Throw away your toxin filled synthetic shampoo, conditioner and hair oil and try Krya’s goodness filled haircare products instead. Your hair will thank you for this switch.
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