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Sadvritta (Mental Health & Spirituality)

surya namskar

From Vata Imbalance to Harmony – My Ayurvedic Journey

The concept of dosha imbalance is very much a part of the language of South Indian households Any joint pain or un-explained pain post eating vada or raw banana would be labelled as ‘Vadham’ (Vata imbalance). An instant home remedy…

The importance of Diwali Cleaning

It was 2002 in Green Park, Delhi. I was a lowly Management Trainee in Sales living in a 2 room Barsati in an upscale neighbourhood in Delhi. My landlord had built a bunch of 1 and 2 room sets in…

Sadhana : The why & how of a Spiritual Practice

A Spiritual Practice is high on our prescription list whenever we encounter deranged vata, high anxiety, extreme stress, grief, deranged vata, or when people struggle with chronic or debilitating illnesses either with themselves or in the role of a caregiver. This prescription comes straight from the Ayurvedic texts as the Acharyas tell us that a physical disease has its roots in the mind and our responses to situation. Therefore cleansing, and control of the mind and reining it with structure, discipline and “good mental food” is part of the ayurvedic Dinacharya. A sustained and disciplined Spiritual Practice helps us choose…

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