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Vyoma After Sun Skin Serum – Skin Brightening serum for tanned skin



Only 7 left in stock

Vyoma After Sun Skin Serum – Skin Brightening serum for tanned skin

Vyoma After Sun Skin Serum – Skin Brightening serum for tanned skin

(7 customer reviews)


The Beach is Awesome ??️! But what’s less awesome is the way your skin feels after a beach holiday: dull, dehydrated, red, inflamed with tanning and dark spots ?

Excess sun exposure increases the pitta trapped in facial skin leading to all these symptoms. Try the Krya Vyoma After Sun Skin serum – a Brightening skin serum for sun burned, tanned skin.

  • Made using 27 Ayurvedic herbs ?processed in 5 ayurvedic oils  over 4 days in the Ayurvedic Tila Paka method
  • Absorbs quickly into skin – does not clog skin ❤️
  • Calms and clarifies skin, gently hydrates and brightens ? & evens out skin complexion
  • Vegan & cruelty Free ?
  • Best used with the Krya After Sun Face Wash & Mask

Only 7 left in stock

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Excess Sun Exposure & Aggravted Pitta Dosha

1. The Krya Vyoma After-Sun Skin Oil + Serum is facial oil specially formulated to help counter excessive sun exposure. This exposure leads to aggravted pitta in the skin , which causes hyper pigmentation, un- even skin , dullness, blemishes, melasma and tanning.If a person has natural pitta prakriti, then even a very small amount of Sun exposure can trigger these effects.

2.  The Krya Vyoma Skin oil+serum is specially formulated as a facial oil  to balance pitta , calm the skin and even out the complexion and skin texture.

3. This product , like all Krya oils, has been manufactured in the traditional Ayuvedic Protocol called Tila Paka Veeddi , over a slow fire.

4. We have used 27 different organic fruits, herbs, butters and cold-pressed oils to manufacture the Krya Vyoma After-Sun skin oil+serum. Please read the ingredients tab, for the complete list of ingredients.

5. This product is ideally used along with the Krya After Sun face-wash & After sun face-mask.

6. This oil+serum product has been packed in a special bottle with a glass dropper to deliver even 1 drop of product at a time if so required.


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Weight 30 g

7 reviews for Vyoma After Sun Skin Serum – Skin Brightening serum for tanned skin

  1. Deepti (verified owner)

    This makes my skin glow like gold. The stopper is messy though and the design of the bottle needs a revisit

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    • Preethi Sukumaran (store manager)

      Deepti – thank you so much for this – we will definitely re-assess the bottle and look for a better design. Thanks again!

  2. Rajol Singh (verified owner)

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  3. Sapnoti Eswar (verified owner)

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  4. Sapnoti K Eswar (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I have recommended this to several of my friends and family in India.

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  5. Tasneem (verified owner)

    My goto skin care night routine, I’ve been using it consistently since 5 months and my skin feels less pigmented n more glow on the face

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  6. Bikash Kundu (verified owner)

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  7. Deepak Kaushik (verified owner)

    Kindly develop liquid hair wash

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes it can. however the skin on the rest of the body is thicker compared to facial skin, so a body oil is usually more suitable. Please try the Krya Lemongrass baby oil for this?
  2. A Please check the ingredients tab given above
  3. A Hi! Yes you can use Vyoma as a day product before stepping out. Please use just a single drop or two drops on clean damp skin - you can also spray clean skin with good quality rose water and apply Vyoma on this. Allow for 15-20 minutes for the product to get properly absorbed and the face to become dry before stepping out.
  4. A Hi, Thank you for your question. Vyoma is designed more for after sun care and not pre-sun care. It is also our opinion that skin care today is over sold and marketed. School going children do not need too much support via external products. We only suggest pre bath oil application for children, only if skin is dry despite using our bodywash products. If your child is using soap to wash the face / have a bath, we suggest switching to our bodywash. Apart from that and a weekly abhyanga, no other skin product is required. If you feel they are exposed to high pollution, we suggest that they have a bath with our Kids bodywash after school - this is more than sufficient

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