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Krya Soothing Toddler Hair-Wash – ayurvedic shampoo for children between 1 – 3 years



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Krya Soothing Toddler Hair-Wash – ayurvedic shampoo for children between 1 – 3 years

Krya Soothing Toddler Hair-Wash – ayurvedic shampoo for children between 1 – 3 years

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Looking for a better way to cleanse your toddler’s hair? Alarmed by the toxicity in conventional synthetic shampoos?

Conventional baby and children’s shampoos are not really that gentle. So what is a concerned parent supposed to use?

Try the Krya Toddler Hair wash – an ayurvedic hair wash choornam especially formulated for active toddlers (between 1- 3 years). Formulated with 25 Ayurvedic herbs that help gently cleanse the scalp, provide pitta and vata balance, heal the scalp and keep it balanced and provide warmth and comfort.

Made from safe, traditional ayurvedic herbs. Processed and manufactured with great care and love for your child.

Please go through our detailed product description below for more information on the exact ingredients, how to use the product, and how to set up a healthy hair routine for your child.

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Product Description

Looking for a truly natural ayurvedic shampoo for your toddler? Conventional baby and kids shampoos contain harsh, often dangerous chemicals which have long term side effects and are harsh on your child’s delicate skin.

Ayurvedic science is not just toxin free and safe for your child. The science also understands each lifestage at a deeper level and provides formulation principles that go deeper than just cleansing or moisturising.

Ayurvedic hair care for Toddlers:

Ayurveda recognizes that babies and Toddlers have very reactive neural development stimulated by the environment around them. So Ayurveda attempts to support this vast, and rapidly expanding growth of the young brain by using rich, botanical hair products that help soothe and calm the brain, and support the young child during this critical stage.

During this high growth phase, there is a surge in pitta and vata energies in the scalp which need to be balanced and calmed down. Otherwise, the child may experience discomfort and tantrums, and they will be unable to vocalize or pinpoint the exact cause of distress.

Setting a good hair care routine for your toddler:

Daily hair oiling is extremely important for babies and toddlers. This helps support the brain development , alms the scalp, balances exes spitta and vata energies and also cools and nourishes the eyes. This is especially useful if you are concerned about your toddler’s scene time . Regular head oiling with a good ayurvedic hair oil cools and nourishes the eyes, preventing eye strain and weakness. Please explore the Krya baby and toddler hair oil for your Toddler’s hair.

Wash your toddler’s hair 1-2 times a week – Once a week is sufficient in winter. Switching to a hair wash powder like ours may seem unusual at first. However, with time, you and your toddler will get used to this and also learn to enjoy the experience.

No additional product like a conditioner or serum is needed if you follow this simple 2 step hair care routine.

About the Krya Toddler hair wash – an authentic ayurvedic shampoo formulated for your toddler

This is a product carefully formulated and processed for tender hair and scalp. We have designed this product to be used by toddlers above the age of 1 year and below 3 Years ( We have another hair-wash product designed for kids above the age of 3 years).

We use 25 Ayurvedic herbs and organic lentils and plant resins to make this hair wash product. each ingredient is singly processed and then all ingredients are blended together as per the act formula to craft this fine product.

Delicate berries and lentils like whole moong (organic), Shikakai, and Soapberries give us super gentle cleansing. Hibiscus leaf, Hibiscus flower, Karanja, Fenugreek (organic) gently condition hair. Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Manjishta provide vata balance and healing to the scalp.

Amla, Bhringaraj, Neem, Curry leaf provide shine and Pitta balance to the scalp. Tulasi, Rasna, and Vacha bring in warmth and comfort in this cold weather. For a complete list of ingredients, please click on our Ingredients tab below.

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