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Krya Damage repair hair system
Krya Damage Repair Hair revitalizing System ( Save Rs 150 !)



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Krya Damage Repair Hair revitalizing System ( Save Rs 150 !)

Krya Damage Repair Hair revitalizing System ( Save Rs 150 !)

(2 customer reviews)


  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair Revitalizing system is a combination pack that contains one piece each of the following three products
    1. The Krya Damage Repair Hair Oil ( 100 ml)
    2. The Krya Damage Repair Hair Wash powder ( 100 g)
    3. The Krya Damage Repair Hair Mask Powder ( 100 g)
  • When used as a system, the powderful Ayurvedic herbs in these 3 products should support and nourish your scalp and hair and promote healthy growth
  • This system has a MRP of Rs 1200 , which gives you a saving of Rs 150/- when compared to buying these 3 products individually
  • All Krya products are vegan & cruelty-free
  • This product is eligible for free-shipping across India

Only 1 left in stock

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Product Description

  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair revitalising system is a 3 part system designed to revitalise, detoxify, deep condition and boost healthy hair growth for severely chemically damaged hair. This kind of hair will be dull, lifeless, feel like stray, break easilly and will be subjected to frequent synthetic hair colours, texture alteration treatments like hair straighening or perming and frequent heat treatments.
  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair oil uses a whole host of powerful herbs. Some of them like Liquorice and Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) work on the cuticular structure and provide moisture and nourishment to smoothen and condition hair. Others like parsley , marigold and thyme contain anti oxidants that stimulate collagen production to promote the growth of stronger hair. Flaxseed’s fatty acids and anti oxidants remove dead cells and toxins from the scalp, and lemongrass balances sebum production ensuring the scalp produces the right amount of oil for the hair. The Krya Damage repair hair oil has been made in the traditional 3-part Sneha Kalpana method where we boil the right herbs, deocotions, juices and base oils for over 8 hours and then steep the oils further in a mixture of herbs for 7 more days. The entire oil making process takes upto 10 days per batch.
  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair wash uses a different mixture of herbs compared to our other hairwash products. In order not to damage the cuticular structure further, the Hair wash is sifted much finer than usual. We use a high proportion of shine enhancing, repair and nurturing herbs like Indian gooseberry, fenugreek seeds & curry leaves. We also use Chamomile, Moringa and Oatgrass for their rejuvenative, soothing and moisturizing properties. We also add flaxseed and kokum butter for their natural anti-oxidant and hair restoring properties.
  • The Krya Damage repair Hair Mask goes ballistic on restorative herbs – We have used deep orange Marigold, Green Tea, Rose hips & Rose petals and Basil for their powerful anti oxidative action that stimulates collagen production and boosts the growth of strong hair. We have used strongly conditioning herbs like deep red Hibiscus flowers & Yashtimadhu (which we had blogged about a few days ago). We have added many hair restorative and repair herbs like Rosemary, Lemongrass, Brahmi, Amla and Bhringaraj to detoxify hair, balance sebum secretion and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Damaged hair needs gentle care and support and further chemical and synthetic damage should be eliminated or sharply reduced. This kind of hair cannot stand heat, harsh synthetic shampoos, brisk brushing, tugging or tight braids or similar hairstyles. Damaged hair needs to be supported with a carefully planned diet that contains adequate amount of proteins, B vitamins, timely rest, and a good internal detoxification regimen. Please read the Krya blog for more suggestions.
  • All of Krya’s products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients.


Additional Information

Weight 300 g

2 reviews for Krya Damage Repair Hair revitalizing System ( Save Rs 150 !)

  1. Prachi M. (verified owner)

    After using hair dye for more than 1 years, my hair was frizzy, dull. Using oil, wash and pack regularly, has now made my hair soft and shiny. I have also stopped using box dyes and am fan of Dwii

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  2. Apoorva Desikachar (verified owner)

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