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Hair care in Ayurveda

Krya Hair 101 series – 4 principles of Mindful eating

Ayurveda believes that the food we eat literally makes up every part of our body. Every organ system is formed by metabolising of the food we eat and assimilating the nutrients from the metabolised food. Ayurveda divides the body into…

Krya Formulation update Tuesdays: a better oil for dry, frizzy hair

Rupert Baxter, that quintessential suspicious secretary in PG Wodehouse’s Blanding’s Castle series was often said to be generally suspicious of everything and everyone. I often find myself invoking my inner Baxter when I read beauty product labels, especially those proclaiming…

Hair 101 on Wednesday by Krya – The Acid Mantle

The more I read and delve about the human microbiota, the more fascinated I am. Did you know for instance, that our first microbiota colonised us when we slid out of our mother in a vaginal birth? The microbiota we…


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