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Hair care in Ayurveda

3 step ayurvedic hair care routine - krya blog post

The 3 step Ayurvedic hair care routine for hair growth

Are you looking for a good, wholesome Ayurvedic hair care routine? Have you been spending a lot of money and time researching the best shampoos, serums, conditioners only to find that your hair is dull, listless , oily with poor…

how to heal oily scalp with ayurveda

Oily Scalp Treatment in Ayurveda

Oily scalp or scalp greasiness is a common problem that affects many Indians. So we often get emails and social media messages from those eagerly searching for a natural options for oily scalp treatment. A majority of these people are…

Benefits of Shiro Abhyanga (head oiling) : Part 1

The Shiro abhyanga is a powerful Ayurvedic Dinacharya with multiple health and hair benefits. However, it forms a part of the Ayurevdic Dinacharya i.e practices that MUST be done DAILY. Many people write to us asking how long they should…

What Everyone Must Know about ayurvedic oiling

The practice of ayurvedic oiling , i.e using ayurvedic skin and hair oils is essential for maintaining skin and hair health. Regular ayurvedic oiling improves hair and skin health, helps restore and repair these organ systems, balances dosha imbalances and gives many other important health benefits for the body.   Ayurveda also recommends the balanced consumption of “sneha” or oils & fats to keep the bones and joints in good working condition. Certain organs like the brain and the eyes are high in fat composition so the regular intake of good fats is recommended to keep these organs in good…

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