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Abhyanga Snana

surya namskar

From Vata Imbalance to Harmony – My Ayurvedic Journey

The concept of dosha imbalance is very much a part of the language of South Indian households Any joint pain or un-explained pain post eating vada or raw banana would be labelled as ‘Vadham’ (Vata imbalance). An instant home remedy…

Time for a digital detox?

6 Ayurvedic strategies for an Effective Digital Detox

A Digital Detox is the need of the hour for nearly all of us today.  Research tells us that when we practice a digital detox , our memory becomes sharper, we are able to sleep deeper, our posture becomes better, we are able to form more meaningful connections with people, and that we are open to more life changing perspectives and decisions. A Digital Detox program. A conversation on another group I am a part of spurred this post. The author of the post shared that she felt that she was “digitally addicted” to social media and found that she…

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