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how to heal oily scalp with ayurveda

Oily Scalp Treatment in Ayurveda

This post was last updated on August 12, 2021 by Preethi Sukumaran Oily scalp or scalp greasiness is a common problem that affects many Indians. So we often get emails and social media messages from those eagerly searching for a…

Sapindus trifoliatus - the indian soapberry and its benefits
Sacred Herbs
Preethi Sukumaran

Ayurvedic herbs: properties and benefits of soapberries (Reetha / arishtaka)

Today we are going to do a deep dive into the Ayurvedic properties and benefits of soapberries, a herb we use extensively at Krya. We have written extensively about how the Soapberry is an excellent plant-based surfactant. Many cleaning applications in the home like doing your laundry, cleaning the dishes, mopping the floor, etc can be easily and effectively done using Soapberries and other indigenous herbs. This makes your cleaning extremely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition to soapberries, you can add many beneficial herbs to Soapberry in different ways, making extremely useful and energizing cleansers for the home. But

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Toxin free home care
Preethi Sukumaran

Deep cleaning the home naturally – ayurvedic herbs and principles

This post was last updated on August 12, 2021 by Preethi Sukumaran How can I deep clean my home naturally? Is there a natural floor cleaner that is safe for babies? Can you help me sanitise my floors with just vinegar and baking soda? Is this enough in this current time of the pandemic? These are some of the messages and emails we are getting at Krya during this time of mass fear and virus pandemic. The current ongoing pandemic has made many people re-visit their cleaning and sanitising options at home. With the amount of housework, we are all doing

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Preethi Sukumaran

Benefits of Shiro Abhyanga (head oiling) : Part 1

This post was last updated on September 3, 2022 by Preethi Sukumaran The Shiro abhyanga is a powerful Ayurvedic Dinacharya with multiple health and hair benefits. However, it forms a part of the Ayurevdic Dinacharya i.e practices that MUST be done DAILY. Many people write to us asking how long they should continue oiling the head. When we say it should be done “Dina” (daily” and “Nityam” (always),  they are alarmed! Oiled hair is not aesthetically pleasing today and for those who have hair issues, they expect that we will ask them to stop oiling the hair once their problems

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Ayurveda : the mother lode offering health, harmony, balance, philosophy and a moral code
Basics of Ayurveda & Health
Preethi Sukumaran

Ayurvedic basics 1: The Origins of Ayurveda

Why is it important to understand the Origins of Ayurveda? Krya has been working with ayurvedic herbs and formulations for over 5 years now. Yet in all this time , we have not contemplated any series on Ayurveda or discussed its origins, but we now believe it is high time we did so. There is a new and renewed interest in Indic traditions and systems over the last few years. Unfortunately, along with this, there is also a sharp rise in dangerous misinformation, half truths and inaccuracy peddled in the name of Ayurveda. Apart from misinformation, there is also ignorance

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India against colorism
Skin care by Ayurveda
Preethi Sukumaran

How Shyama and Krishna became 3 shades Fairer: A critical analysis of fair skin obsession in India

This post was last updated on May 10, 2020 by srinivas krishnaswamy The fair skin obsession in India is wide ranging, and alarming. One of the 2 most searched for skin care products on the Krya website is a skin lightening product for babies and a fairness product for women. Despite our refusal at Krya to engage with queries on fairness, we are asked for these products in very innocuous terms. Customers couch their requests for products seeking a “better glow” or “radiance” – when asked to explain this further, these queries quickly degenerate to this: “My skin is dark

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Applying Face masks correctly - a krya blog post
Preethi Sukumaran

Using a Face mask correctly for good skin: Krya explains how

This post was last updated on November 21, 2022 by Preethi Sukumaran At Krya, we LOVE Face Masks / Lepas. We love the way they make us and our costumers feel. We love how quickly and beautifully they work on skin – (some Krya customers swear by the “instant plumping and glow” they get after a single Face Mask / Lepa application. We love how well researched and through the acharyas are in recommending what herb goes into what Lepa.     Most of all we love how beneficial a Face Mask / Lepa is: they are not just pick

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