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The Krya mini abhyanga guide : a bridge to the full abhyanga

This post was last updated on February 4, 2023 by Preethi Sukumaran

What is a krya mini abhyanga? Is it simply a quick abhyanga massage ? Does this mean that we follow all teh abyanga steps in a quick and rapid manner?

What would the benefits of a mini abhyanga be? Would we get the same effects like a regular full abhyanga or even a pada abhyanga? Here’s a blog post explaining this and telling you exactly how to do a mini abhyanga.

The importance of an Abhyanga Snana in Ayurveda

The mini abhyanga is an important bridge to inculcating an Abhyanga into your Dinacharya. At Krya, we consistently extol the benefits of the Abhyanga Snana . All the classical Ayurvedic textbooks have clearly defined the wide range of health benefits of a regular Abhyanga-Snana. An abhyanga snana is recommended as a health giving practice for all age groups. For each group it gives different benefits.

A daily ayurvedic baby massage for children under 2 years, is critical in supporting bone and joint development, development of good kapha, for brain development and relieving tiredness and fatigue.

A daily ayurvedic massage is extremely helpful for post partum moms. An abhyanga for post partum mothers helps bind vata dosha, improves strength, and works on problems like post partum hair loss, anxiety, etc. If you havent designed one, here’s a first-person account of a traditional post partum routine.

An Abhyanga is also a routine suggested for all healthy adults. In women, it helps with relieving premenstrual stress and regulates the cycle. It also helps relieve tiredness, and stress and improves the body’s immune response. Abhyanga is especially useful for athletes, yoga practioners , dancers and those who undertake a lot of physical activity, in order to help balance aggravated vata doshas, and reduce injuries.

The full Abhyanga Snana involves a vigorous self-massage with a specially formulated abhyanga oil, chosen by dosha type or concern. This is followed by a bath (Snana) with a well formulated ubtan formulated especially for a bath after Abhyanga. The Abhyanga is a classical Dinacharya outlined in many important texts like the Ashtanga Hridayam, and is a wonderful wellness practice to incorporate into our daily routine.

Certain seasons like Hemanta and Shishira Ritu are excellent seasons to begin practicing an Abhyanga. But with seasonal modifications, Abhyanga can be practiced almost throughout the year.

Does a full Abhyanga Snana take a lot of time?

What is the need for mini abhyanga

The very thought of a Abhyanga-Snana seems extremely daunting to many of us who have a packed, hassled morning routine. A quick shower with soap and shampoo is the most that many of us can contemplate on a week-day

We have received a large number of message from our customers on how to get over the initial time and scheduling hurdles to incorporate this important habit into their routine – hence this guide which introduces the mini abhyanga.

The Krya mini abhyanga guide

A mini abhyanga should take around 10 minutes, focuses on key body parts that suffer dosha-aggravation and gives a few of the benefits of the full Abhyanga. You just need a Abhyanga skin oil and an ubtan to get started and it is recommended for all healthy adults.

We have designed this mini abhyanga as a bridge to the full , proper Ayurvedic Abhyanga Snana. It will help new comers to get started and experience some of the important health benefits and motivate them to graduate to a full Abhyanga. For the regulars, it will help you to incorporate a mini abhyanga when you have less time or when you are travelling.

The mini abhyanga is not meant to replace the full Abhyanga. You can read about the full Abhyanga here .

In this guide we have given the instructions for both men & women and the different precautions to be taken.

Download the Krya Mini Abhyanga Guide  & do use it to realize the wonderful health benefits of this important Ayurvedic Dinacharya.

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srinivas krishnaswamy

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  1. Hello mam, I’d like to learn about them and came across your posts. Would it be possible for you to share the details of mini abhyanga procedure that I can follow to start with. I have hypothyroidism since childhood (hence all the effects of it). Hope mini abhyanga would help me. Thank you and appreciate all your sincere efforts to spread awareness and also lead people in their path for a healthy life.

  2. Hi, the Mini Abhyanga Guide is missing. The link leads to an ‘Oops this page is missing’. Please upload the same as this is the second time I came looking for it. thnx

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