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How to use Rasnadi Churnam – A Video Guide

This post was last updated on July 21, 2022 by Preethi Sukumaran

Rasnadi Churnam is a wonderful ayurvedic formulation that can help prevent mucous build-up and heaviness in the head due to Kapha aggravation. What is it and how can we use it effectively? This short blog post and video will explain more about this product. We have also recently launched a Rasanadi Choornam for babies and young children. This post will also explain more about our formulation and where you can buy it.

Fear of catching cold with regular Hair oiling:

One of the fears that people have when we recommend regular hair oiling for good hair growth and many other benefits, is the fear of catching a cold. As Ayurvedic science tells us to formulate hair oils with Madhura rasa dravyas , Medhya enhancing herbs and ensure that the oil balances Pitta and Vata dosha, this combination can sometimes aggravate Kapha dosha. This is usually tolerated well by normal healthy people. But for those with high kapha aggravation or an existing sinusitis problem, this is a very real worry.

The answer?

Rasnadi Churnam: to prevent Kapha build up in the scalp

Rasnadi Churnam is a safe , effective ayurvedic chooranam (powder) that retains warmth in the head, prevents mucous formation and helps clear blocked sinuses with regular use, safely and effectively. It balances Vata and Kapha in the body, and can also be used as a warm Lepa / Pack in cases of muscular spasm, tennis elbow, rheumatism, etc.

Rasnadi Churnam is a classical ayurvedic formulation that has many uses. It can also be effectively used to control headaches, especially headaches associated with mucous build up in the head / sinusitis. For Pitta-based migraine headaches, Rasnadi churnam can be applied as a paste on the forehead with warm water / milk. Leave the pack on for 10 minutes and then have a bath. For Pitta based migraine-type headaches, Kachuradhi choornam is also a very good option to use.

For external application in small amounts to prevent mucous build up after bath / head oiling, Rasnadi Churnam is safe even to be used for small infants. Usually for use for small babies and children, Ayurvedic texts like Arogya Raksha Kalpadrumah suggest every simple formulation with under 5 herbs. The Rasanadi choornam we have made for babies is modelled along these lines. If you want to use a classical formulation, Kachuradhi choornam is also a good option for infants and children below 2 as it is much milder.

For inhalation with Rasnadi churnam, we recommend that it be done only for 5 years and above. As a precautionary measure, pregnant women should NOT inhale Rasnadi Churnam – they can apply it on the scalp as demonstrated in the video.

Rasnadi Churnam for babies & young children – New Krya Launch

Ayurveda recommends an extensive set of baby care practices like regular head oiling, abhyanga, herbal snana with herbal bath water, dhupana (herbal fumigation), and use of specific herbs, metals for the care and well being of the baby. Childhood is a Kapha rich time. This means that using oils regularly for the baby, while being excellent for the baby’s growth and development, carries a risk of Kapha accumulation for the baby.

Therefore , as a counter measure to prevent Mucous build-up and to encourage immunity and well being, Ayurveda recommends the use of astringent, drying, and warming Baby Ubtans for Bath, Using charged herbal water for the Bath and suggests the use of dry herbal Choornams like Rasnadi choornam and Vacha Churnam post-bath on the baby.

Rasnadi Churnam is suggested to be applied post bath on the baby’s head and behind the ear lobes to prevent water clogging and mucous accumulation in the head region. As babies are much more delicate and sensitive, certain Ayurvedic textbooks like Arogya Raksha Kalpadrumah suggest following a simpler and more pared-down Rasnadi churnam formula for babies.

Based on these guidelines, we have formulated a 5 ingredient Baby Rasnadi Churnam at Krya. You can read more about this product on the product page and also read more information on the herbs we use in this product. For product use guidelines, please follow our video given below. This product is NOT to be inhaled. Inhalation is NOT recommended for babies and children. This should be strictly used ONLY externally on the scalp.

The Krya Baby Rasnadi Churnam can also be used by adults. However, it is a very gentle and mild formulation and may not help in very stubborn cases of Kapha build up. If you are very prone to sinusitis and Kapha build up, it is better to use classical Rasnadi churnam formulations that are designed for Adults.


I am prone to sinusitis – Should I avoid Hair Oiling?

Head oiling is an important Dinacharya and must be done by all everyday / atleast 3-4 times a week. This Diancharya practice is important to balance the excessive pitta and vata energy generated due to the activity of the eye and the brain everyday. If you avoid hair filing, you may have other issues arising due to pitta and vata build-up in the body.

These can include:

  • Eye watering
  • Light-based migraine or cluster headaches
  • Excessive anger and stress
  • Weaker eye sight (especially if you are already wearing glasses)
  • Hair problems like premature greying, hair thinning, hair dryness and poor hair growth

However, for those prone to Kapha buildup at first hair oiling can seem intimidating. So here is what we suggest:

  • IF you have a Kapha build-up it is wise to begin using rasnadi churnam or consult a vaidya so you may work on this problem and experience the benefit of regular head oiling.
  • Use only a well-formulated Ayurvedic hair oil – do not use plain coconut oil, castor oil,or any plain vegetable oil. Oils like coconut oil are sweet and heavy and can aggravated Kapha build-up. When this same base oil is prepared in the Ayurvedic method with herbs, we modify the properties and make it less prone to Kapha aggravation
  • Use less oil to start with to help the system acclimatise to the process – start only with a few drops of the suggested oil.
  • Massage these few drops really well into the scalp. The action should help disperse the oil, produce heat in the scalp and allow the scalp to quickly absorb the oil. If this is not done and oil is left on the scalp it may aggravate mucous in the head

How to ensure my Baby does not catch a cold after hair oiling?

Hair oiling is equally important for young babies. Ayurveda tells us that regular hair oiling helps strengthen the baby’s skull bone, ensures that the gaps in the fontanelle are properly closed, and also ensures the growth of good quality hair. Hence hair oiling for babies MUST be done regularly (every day if possible).

However as babies are rich in Kapha, we should take the following precautions:

  • Adjust the amount of hair oil applied after seeing how dry the bay’s scalp becomes every day. depending upon the baby’s inherent constitution (Prakriti), they may be high in pitta, vata or Kapha (or a combination of the above). Some babies are high in pitta or vata or both – so the scalp quickly absorbs the oil applied on the hair. Also in certain stages when the baby’s mental activity is rapid, due to the high heat generated in the head, the oil is absorbed well. So every parent should judge this for  themselves and use the appropriate oil quantity. The quantity can be increased slightly in dry seasons
  • USe only an ayurvedic baby hair oil and not a plain vegetable oil for the same reasons mentioned above. warm the oil well into the palms of the hand before massaging well onto the scalp
  • Avoid excessive wetting of the head. Babies can be given a hair wash once or twice a week. Wetting the hair everyday or every other day can be avoided as this can lead to mucous build up
  • USe an astringent herbal hair wash – this helps ensure oil is properly removed and that the abby’s scalp is not excessively kapha prone after wash.
  • Use Rasnadi Churnam daily for the baby – twice a day in humid conditions or if baby sweats . Before using Rasnadi churnam wipe the baby’s sclpa and hair thoroughly using a good absorbent cotton towel.
  • Cover the baby’s head, block her ears and cover her feet and arms with socks / mittens. Avoid excessive outside exposure or travel for baby unless completely unavoidable
  • Avoid using the AC excessively around the baby. This shrinks the Srotas and prevents optimal heat exchange. so thermal regulation will be paired in the baby’s body.

Krya hair oils for Adults and Babies

Krya has multiple head oils for different hair types and lifestages available. Here is a brief glance of the products available:

Babies and Kids:

  • Krya baby and toddler hair oil: formulated with special herbs to ensure proper closure of fontanelle, and support rapid brain development and strengthening of skull and bones for babies and young children
  • Krya Kids hair oil – Classic: for Children above 3 years with straight hair or hair that tends to be on the oily side – supports brain development and is formulated with soothing herbs like Brahmi, Devdaru etc prescribed for children in Ayurveda
  • Krya Kids hair oil – Conditioning: for Children above 3 years with curly hair or hair that tends to be on the dry side – supports brain development and formulated with soothing herbs like Brahmi, Devdaru etc prescribed for children in Ayurveda


  • Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil : for hair that is prone to high premature greying, hair thinning  – provides balance to very high Pitta aggravation. Formulated with pitta reducing herbs like Amla, Mulethi, Bhringraj, etc
  • Krya Classic Hair Oil: For normal – oily hair prone to premature greying and oily scalp – balances medium Pitta aggravation. Formulated with Pitta balancing herbs like Amla, Nimba, Bhringraj, etc
  • Krya Conditioning Hair Oil: For hair prone to dryness, hair breakage and brittle and frizzy hair – scalp tends to be dry – balances Vata aggravation. formulated with Vata balancing herbs like Mulethi, Japa, Vatama, etc
  • Krya Harmony hair oil: For hair fall and breakage due to pitta based high stress, anxiety,grief, etc
  • Krya Kshema hair oil – For hair fall , breakage and insomnia due to Vata based stress, anxiety
  • Krya Damage repair Hair oil: for hair and scalp that is chemically damaged due to excessive use of synthetic hair dyes, and treatments like hair smoothing, keratin treatments, perming, etc. Detoxifies scalp and promotes healthy growth. formulated with detoxifying and growth improving herbs like Khadira, Daruharidra, Mushta, Mulethi etc
  • Krya Intense Hair Oil: For hair fall due to long illness and high / long term medication : promotes healthy hair growth. should not be used if person has not suffered from illness based hairfall. Formulated with growth promoting and detoxifying herbs like Ashwagandha, Vatama, Narikela, Tila, Gokshura, etc.

Problem solution oils:

All Krya hair oils are made as per Ayurvedic tila paka veedhi, use cold pressed oils and the recommended Ayurvedic herbs. So all of these oils can be used for Ayurvedic head oiling.


How to use Rasnadi churnam: a Video

Here is a short video we just shot for the Krya Product Support Group,  a facebook community, on how you can effectively use Rasnadi Churnam correctly & effectively. The Krya Product Support Community is a Facebook community we created to help support the use of our products, share Ayurvedic guidelines for better skin and hair care and answer product usage doubts quickly. Do join us here.

Now for the video:


To Sum up: an information post on Rasnadi Churnam

We first came across Rasnadi churnam in the early part of the 2000s when we were suggested to do a series of therapeutic Abhyanga practices. Since then, we have used and suggested this gem of an ayurvedic formulation to many people to control Kapha build up. when used regularly, this Churnam gives excellent results and helps control Kapha related head aches and sinusitis.

We hope this blog post and video helped you understand how to use this product. we also hope you found the information we shared on our new launch, the Krya Baby rasnadi Churnam useful.

If you have any queries on our products or would like our help choosing the right products, please send us a WhatsApp Message using this link, or email us. 


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Preethi Sukumaran

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  1. Maam loved the video. I’ve been using the churnam but the powder settles on my scalp and sometimes when I scratch my scalp I get black stuff (the choornam which has dried) under my nails. It looks like I have an uneven scalp.

    • Hi Anupama: Yes I think so. The herbs used are more for kapha control and should not cause any reaction. But to be sure, please check with your vaidya.

    • Yes, you can apply a small pinch of Rasanadi Choornam ( only external application) on baby’s scalp , especially on the crown of the head and a little on the back of the neck as well

    • Janani: yes you can apply it on her head alone.

      For frequent colds, and for general immunity, I suggest applying finely ground powder of Vacha / Vasambu / acorus calamus, everyday on the chest region after a bath (and after baby is dried). This is a good Ayurvedic practice.

  2. Hi my kid is 7yrs old and having nose bleeding since after one yr he born he has loud snoariing n mucus always ther in the noseand bleeding is not normal frequently voice pitch

    • Hi,
      This needs vaidya examination and diagnosis – please take your son for consultation to a good ayurvedic vaidya asap.

  3. I am taking mahasudarshan churna for cough ,fever and cold I need to add something on it for better result please suggest me and I am suffering form veins pain in now days feeling so weak immunity is very weak please suggest me some ayurvedic churna that I can take with this .

    • Rituparna: Here we have only discussed use of rasanadi choornam is to clear mucous from the head region . For any other uses, it is more advisable to meet a vaidya.

    • It is not to be applied immediately after wash when the hair is dripping wet. First towel the hair to at least a semi-dry level & then apply the Rasandi Churna. It also helps the further drying up of the scalp. After applying the churna then you towel-dry the hair more thoroughly

  4. Thank you . This video was so informative. I have an excess of kapha with severe sinus issues and my Ayurvedic doctor has prescribed this for medicated smoking but i will also use it on the scalp like you have shown .

    • Hello Venkatesh,
      This may not be effective for this purpose. You would need another combination of herbs that helps reduce pain , and inflammation in this area, along with internal medication for the same. Please consult a vaidya for this

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