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Krya Colour conversations : Accelerated eye damage due to synthetic hair dyes

A 1981 study by the Ophthalmology department of the PIMER Institute, Chandigarh studied the effects of frequent hair dye application on the eyes. In 1981, this study concluded that repeated application of a PPD based dye meant that the PPD penetrated the blood aqueous barrier and rapidly damaged the eyes.
The research paper concluded, that one of the key optical damage done by PPD, was to accelerate the formation of cataract in the eyes of a synthetic dye user. By how much? 14 years!
So a hair dye user is likely to develop cataracts in their eyes atleast 14 years faster than a person who does not use hair dye.  Apart from early cataract, the Institute also speculated that consistent hair dye user hastened loss of flexibility in the lens leading to early presbyopia (long sightedness).
All synthetic hair colour brands sold today contain PPD. These brands divert your attention from PPD, by calling themselves “Ammonia free”. They also try and tell you that there is a “safe and low level” of PPD that can be used by you.
Obviously, there is no such thing.
Accelerated permanent eye damage – just another of the very long list of reasons to avoid synthetic hair dyes and colours.
And do we have an alternative to this nonsense at Krya? Yes, Yes , YES – and we launch super soon.
A happy, truly natural, toxin free Thursday to you from Krya.

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srinivas krishnaswamy
srinivas krishnaswamy

Srinivas is Krya's Co-Founder. He brings in a unique perspective to Krya with his dual Masters in Physics & Management.

At Krya, Srinivas is motivated by the challenges of crafting the company's DNA - products that delight consumers, manufacturing excellence, a winning team and sustainable profitable growth.

He is deeply committed to defining the first principles of Dharmic Entrepreneurship in order to build a world class organisation rooted in Indian Knowledge Systems.

Articles: 173

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