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Krya Teen Anti-Acne Face Mask (100 gm)



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Krya Teen Anti-Acne Face Mask (100 gm)

Krya Teen Anti-Acne Face Mask (100 gm)

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Is your teen struggling with hormonal acne? Do you find him/her anxiously picking at the acne or resorting to DIY packs to control the acne with little success? Looking for a better alternative to hormonal birth control pills for teen acne?

The Krya Teen Anti-acne Face Mask is an Ayurvedic Face Lepa (mask). This Face Lepa is in Choornam form (herbal blended powder) which follows well-researched Ayurvedic principles to balance hormonal acne. It is made from 21 Ayurvedic herbs, grains, and clays. Each ingredient is carefully sourced, singly processed, and then blended to make this harmonious blend.

We use Ayurvedic herbs and grains mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts for “youvana pidaka” or teen acne, like Arjuna bark, Masura, Sariva, Manjishta, etc. This combination helps soothe skin, bring down pitta and Kapha gradually, unclog and deep cleanse the skin, balance sebum, and slowly and gradually shrink and heal inflammations in the skin.

For information on how to use this product, diet and lifestyle practices to follow for Teen skin, and a full list of ingredients please read below in our detailed list of tabs with information.

The Krya Teen Anti-acne face mask is made completely with plant based whole herbs, grains, and herbs. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced, thoughtfully cleaned, and processed separately at the Krya facility before being blended together. This process allows us to maintain the integrity, botanical nutrients, aroma, texture, and color of our ayurvedic herbs, lentils, and grains. A full listing of the ingredients that go into this product can be found in the Ingredients tab below.

This is a 100% natural, completely chemical free Face Lepa (Mask) Choornam. Please read our certification & values tab for more information on this.

The product is a 100 gm pack.

Only 10 left in stock

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Product Description

  1. In Ayurveda, “Youvana Pidaka” is the term given for eruptions on the facial skin in teenagers.
  2. This is a face-mask powder (Lepa) formulated specially for teen-age skin.
  3. Both boys and girls can used this teen face-mask powder.
  4. This is a proprietary formulation made from 23 different Ayurvedic grains, lentils and herbs in a Lepa (powder) format.
  5. Ideally this mask should be used along with the Krya teen anti-acne face-wash powder.

Read more in our detailed blog post that also explains teen acne ayurveda treatment here.

3 reviews for Krya Teen Anti-Acne Face Mask (100 gm)

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    Good for teen skin!

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