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Classic Face serum for Oily Skin – Oil Balance, Skin Clarity, Pitta Balance

Classic Face serum for Oily Skin – Oil Balance, Skin Clarity, Pitta Balance

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Looking for a natural face serum for oily skin? Struggling with congested, imbalanced oily skin that looks patchy and dull?

Try the Krya Classic serum for oily skin instead.  The Krya Classic skin serum gently hydrates oily skin, balances Pitta dosha and balances sebum levels leading to clear, healthy-looking skin.

The Krya Classic serum for oily skin is made in the authentic tila paka method . In this process we manually process 30 Ayurvedic herbs in 4 organic oils over 5 days in gentle heat, allowing the oils to gradually transform into our nutrient-loaded serum. This painstaking process allows us to create an easy to absorb, highly beneficial, light skin serum that is excellent for oily skin.  A full listing of the ingredients that go into this product can be found in the Ingredients tab .

Please watch the video in our “how to use tab” to understand how to use this product correctly.

This is a 100% natural, completely chemical-free Skin serum.

This is a 30 ml bottle – We expect this pack to last for 2-3 months if used twice a day.

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Product Description

Are you looking for a  natural face serum for oily skin? Oily, pitta-type skin usually has unbalanced sebum levels and can get clogged or congested quickly leading to dull skin with whiteheads, blackheads and occasional acne. So we have to be extremely careful while choosing a serum for this skin.

The product should hydrate skin and simultaneously dry out and balance sebum levels. as this kind of skin is notoriously sensitive, the product should not inflame or irritate the skin in any way. Also, skin appearance should brighten as dark spots and blemishes are corrected and skin is clarified. So how should you select the right natural face serum for oily skin ?

The Issue with commercial skincare

In Ayurveda, oily, easily congested, sensitive skin usually has strong Pitta dosha dominance. This skin is extremely sensitive and can quickly break out if we use unsuitable active ingredients, or treat it harshly.

Synthetic skin serums and moisturizers for oily skin can be too harsh and drying. This can further irritate skin leaving it blotchy and sensitized.

Chemical skin care products can be harsh and triggering for oily skin

To make the sebum more balanced, correct uneven skin tone, dry out excess oil, and improve skin texture, a skin serum should tackle the root cause of these concerns – unbalanced Pitta dosha.

If we merely work on the obvious skin concerns without working on the root cause, we do not heal the skin correctly and do not give it a chance to look its best.

How to choose the best natural Face Serum for oily skin

For oily skin we should look for these factors while choosing the best serum for face:

  • Ingredients that do not irritate or sensitize skin. Many essential oils like tea tree oil are very strong and can sensitize skin. Certain kinds of filler ingredients and actives like Niacinamide , Vitamin C (especially L-Ascorbic Acid), Alpha Hydroxy acids can trigger skin further. Even excess use of “ushna” or hot natural herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha, etc can irritate pitta type oily skin.
  • A very light, non-greasy base that is both easily absorbed. Avoid products that use mineral oils and other synthetics to be non greasy. Instead look for an ayurvedic, 100% natural product that has been rendered light and non-greasy by following the Tila Paka vidhi process.
  • Hydration without congesting skin. Avoid petrolatum-based lotions and formulae with silicones in them (dimethicone, ceataryl methicone, etc). Silicones are hydrophobic and dont rinse off well often leading to skin issues like pore clogging. The same issue is with petrolatum based products
  • The ability to hydrate and penetrate deep into skin to resolve pitta imbalance. Most synthetic skin serums do not have this ability.
  • The correct Pitta balancing herbs chosen in accordance with season and effect on skin. In this spring season the northern hemisphere is in, we should look for products that use Ayurvedic herbs like Vetiver and Lodhra for their skin brightening, sebum drying and Pitta balancing effect

The Krya Classic Skin serum – the best face serum for oily skin

The Krya Classic Skin serum is a unique Ayurveda inspired formula made after a great deal of research. We use 30 pitta balancing, skin brightening and sebum balancing ayurvedic herbs like Arjuna, Daruharidra, Lodhra, Patranga and Vetiver. These herbs are processed in 4 organic, cold pressed oils over 5 days on a gentle flame.

This makes the oil rich, nutrient dense, yet light and non sticky.

Benefits of the Krya Classic face serum for oily skin

The Krya Classic skin serum is an excellent skincare product for oily skin.

  • It helps balance sebum levels
  • Reduces the appearance and size of pimples.
  • Lightens Acne scars , evening out skin
  • Clarifies and brightens skin revealing healthy glowing skin.
  • Balances pitta dosha and rejuvenates skin , revealing healthy, radiant skin.

How To Use this natural Face Serum for oily skin ?

All Krya serums must be used on clean, damp skin. You may also spray high quality rose water on skin before using the serum. Apply 3 drops of the serum onto the palm of your hand. Gently pat into facial skin in an upward motion. The serum will get absorbed quickly into skin. If you intend to use makeup or are going out, wait for atleast 20 minutes after applying the serum .

We also have a video on this – do watch it on the tab on the right.

At what age should we use face serum?

The Krya Classic skin serum can be used from 18 years onwards.

Can I apply serum without toner?


We, in any case, usually suggest using only pure rose water as a toner – this is very beneficial to add to your skin’s health.

Can I leave serum overnight?

Yes. This serum can also be used in the night skin routine and can be left on.

Can I skip moisturiser after serum?

Yes. This serum is intended as a replacement to other moisturizers and lotions .

What is a good skincare routine for Oily Skin?

For oily, pitta type skin, we recommend the following routine.

  • Face wash with our customer-loved Krya Classic Face wash . Made with green tea and chamomile, and other ayurvedic herbs, this is a gentle face wash powder cleanser that thoroughly cleanses and unclogs oily skin without irritating or sensitizing it. Helps control sebum production gradually balancing skin. Use once in the morning and once at night before sleeping, Here’s how to use an ayurvedic face wash powder.
  •  Skin Serum – after every face cleansing Routine.
  • Face Lepa (Mask)  with the Krya Classic Face mask. Deep cleanses, removes dead cells, unclogs pores. Cleanses and balances Skin and brings down Pitta related sensitivity and inflammation. Here are tips to get the most out of your Ayurvedic face mask.

Here’s a detailed blog post describing an Ayurvedic oily skin routine.

Please watch the video below:

Processed in Ayurvedic Tila Paka Vidhi using the following ingredients:

Ayurvedic Herbs: Arjuna , Ashoka , Aswathha , Babool , Bala , Black Ela , Daruharidra , Durva , Jal Brahmi , Karanja , Kushta , Lodhra , Aamra , Manjishta ,Ananthamoola , Nimba Patra , Nimba Twak , Patranga , Puskarmoola , Rose , Shatavari , Shirisha , Tandulodaka , Teak Leaf , Tulasi , Udumbura , Vata , Vetiver , Wyanand Turmeric , Yashtimadhu

Processed over 5 days and nights under gentle heat and manual stirring in : Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Karanja Oil and Organic Kokum Butter

10 reviews for Classic Face serum for Oily Skin – Oil Balance, Skin Clarity, Pitta Balance

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have complete trust in the quality of Krya products. The team’s commitment and values is reflected in their products as well as the information dissemination sessions.

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  3. shreya (verified owner)

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  4. Sapnoti Eswar (verified owner)

    This oil has replaced all other skin care products, which I was using till date. I have been using Classic Skin Oil for about 3 years now. My under-eye circles have almost disappeared, because of which I now use less make-up. I cannot praise this product enough! Many thanks for creating such a wonderful product. I have bought this product for several family members, and would highly recommend it.

    (0) (0)
  5. Sapnoti K Eswar (verified owner)

    Excellent face oil. This product has replaced all other face moisturisers etc that I used to own.

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  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  7. Viji Murali (verified owner)

    started using.already using krya hair care n color.thanks

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  8. Karishma (verified owner)

    I am yet to see significant result.. but want to give it a fair shot. Very impressed with the ease of ordering and the quick international delivery 👌

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  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  10. Preeti (verified owner)

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