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Krya Intense Ubtan for Men – Vata Dosha balancing



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Krya Intense Ubtan for Men – Vata Dosha balancing

Krya Intense Ubtan for Men – Vata Dosha balancing


Looking for the perfect bathing product after your Abhyanga? Looking for a product that will remove excess oil from skin, cleanse skin gently and leave you feeling refreshed?

Try the Krya Intense ubtan for Men. This product is a carefully formulated, completely natural ayurvedic snana choornam, designed to be used after an Abhyanga. It carefully cleanses excess oil from skin, balances imbalance vata in the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed. 

The Krya Intense Ubtan for Men is a unique formulation made completely with plant based whole herbs, grains and herbs. A full listing of the ingredients that go into this product can be found in the Ingredients tab below. For information on how to use this product, diet and lifestyle practices to follow for Vata dosha, please read below in our detailed list of tabs with information.

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Product Description

Importance of Abhyanga Snana in Ayurveda

An Abhyanga Snana is a part of both daily Nityakarma and is suggested to be included in “Dinacharya” – which are a list of wellness practices to be done everyday. In Indian tradition, a bath is not just for cleansing the skin or freshness.

An Abhyanga Snana, which is a bath preceded by a self oil massage is a rejuvenative, mildly therapeutic practice. It helps calm imbalanced doshas in the body, particularly vata dosha. It corrects mild digestive issues, removes stress and fatigue and brings in strength and better immunity.

The first part of an Abhyanga Snana is the Abhyanga. But what follows , the Snana, is equally important, as the product used for Snana after Abhyanga must complement the Abhyanga and cleanse and balance skin correctly.

What is Ubtan?

An Ubtan is an ayurvedic bathing powder that is specially formulated for bathing post Abhyanga. The herbs used in the ubtan complement the Abhyanga practice and continue to help in the dosha balance process. An ubtan must also be specifically formulated to specially balance a particular dosha and cannot be made as an all purpose product. 

Additionally, the ubtan helps cleanse skin thoroughly by removing excess oil that is unabsorbed by skin after an Abhyanga. To do this we use a mixture of astringent and deep cleansing ayurvedic herbs including Vacha, Daruharidra, etc

You can read more about specific references to ubtan in the Ayurvedic texts, whether ubtan suits different skin types, and other common questions in this detailed blog post.


Why do you need a specific ubtan for vata balance?

All ubtans are not the same. An ubtan is a colloquial term for a snana choornam to be used after an Abhyanga. However it can be formulated using differet kinds of herbs to suit different prakritis and address a wide range fo concerns.

In this Krya product, the intense ubtan for men, we have focussed on creating a  product meant to continue to work of the Abhyanga oil, i.e, to balance out-of-control vata dosha.

Depending upon the herbs used, an ubtan can achieve vata balance, pitta balance or even kapha balance or a mixture of these. To balance vata dosha, we need to use warming, nourishing herbs that balance vata well, while continuing to cleanse skin and remove any excess oil after abhyanga.


Do Men need a specific ubtan? Why wouldn’t a general purpose ubtan work?

Men’s skin is structurally different from women’s skin. Additionally, ayurvedic texts tell us that certain herbs should not be included in men’s snana products, but they should definitely be added in women’s skin care products.

To address Men’s skin correctly and to use the appropriate herbs , we suggest using a specific ubtan for Men. The Krya intense ubtan for men is specially formulated for vata balance for Men’s skin.


What goes into the Krya Intense ubtan for Men?

The Krya Intense Ubtan for Men is formulated to balance vata dosha and cleanse skin thoroughly leaving you feeling refreshed after your Abhyanga Snana. It pairs with the Krya Intense Abhyanga oil , specially formulated for vata balance

It is made using 27-30 Ayurvedic herbs chosen for their skin healing ,deep cleansing ,vata balancing effect. Please go through our Ingredients tab to find out the exact ingredients present in each batch. Ayurvedic formulations vary mildly by season and availability of herbs. 

How to use an Ubtan correctly?

Please read our “how to use” tab and also go through our “frequently asked questions” tab.

Further suggestions for vata balance

Vata dosha is an important Dosha and is very important for normal body functions. However, where it is imbalanced, it can lead to many health issues like issues in the bone and joint area, dry skin and hair, anxiety, insomnia etc

Please go through our posts that explain the basics of what is vata dosha, and how you can use diet and lifestyle practices to control vata imbalance.




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This is a product made purely from ayurvedic herbs, organically grown lentils and grains. At Krya, we do not use any synthetics, fillers, artifical fragrances or any hidden ingredients in our products. We are proud to declare 100% of our formulation so that our community is completely aware of what is going into each Krya product.

The Krya Intense Men’s ubtan for vata balance contains the following herbs:
Organically grown:
Mung bean , Horsegram , Masoor bean , Chichpea

Forest Collected:
Ayurvedic Clay Babool Gum , Badam Gum , Vacha , Rasna , Devdaru , Guduchi , Karanja Bark , Zeodary Root , Tulasi , Nimba bark , Babool Bark , Adathoda leaf , Malta Orange , Kapur Kachri , Nut grass , Ananthamoola , Ashoka , Yashtimadhu , Lodhra , Daruharidra , Babchi , Khadira .


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