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Krya Men’s Deepavali Abhyanga System (Save Rs.215!)



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Krya Men’s Deepavali Abhyanga System (Save Rs.215!)

Krya Men’s Deepavali Abhyanga System (Save Rs.215!)


Many traditional homes in South India call the bath taken in the early morning of Deepavali as the “Ganga Snana”. This follows the belief that on this auspicious day, at Brahma Muhurtham, which is 90 minutes before sun rise on that day, the Ganga flows into every home, transforming the water in ever home into auspicious, divine water.

Just like Ganga Mata enters the home through the water on Deepavali day, Lakshmi Devi is said to reside in the oil we use for Abhyanga on Deepavali day. So the combination of these 2 powerful Devis, in the early morning of Deepavali brings in prosperity and good luck for the whole year.

To prepare for this Ganga Snana, the traditional Deepavali bath starts with an abhyanga, generally using sesame oil, followed by a grain and herb based bath using an ubtan or a Nalangu Maavu. To suit the onset of winter, the Deepavali Ubtan / Nalangu Maavu will generally contain herbs that are slightly bitter and warming to the skin, as well as strong cleansing herbs and grains that help remove excess oil and ama from the skin.

For this Deepavali, Krya presents the Men’s Deepavali Abhyanga system – this system consists of 4 products –

  1. Krya Classic hair oil  with Amla & Bhringaraj
  2. Krya festive hairwash with Van Tulsi and Rose 
  3. Krya Abhyanga Oil with Vacha & Ashwagandha 
  4. Krya  Men’s Ubtan with Vetiver & Van Tulsi

We hope that the practice of the Abhyanga and Snana you start on Deepavali inspires you to adopt this as a more frequent practice. 

A very happy and auspicious Deepavali to you from all of us at Team Krya. 

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