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Baby & Kids care in Ayurveda

'the importance of using a baby hair oil - krya blog post

Give your baby the ayurvedic baby hair oil advantage

One of the highly searched terms on the krya website is baby hair oil. Well, we are a company that makes extremely well received adult hair oils and skin serums. So, it is no surprise that a concerned parent would…

Shold olive oil be used for baby massage?

Is using olive oil for baby massage good? – Krya shares an ayurvedic perspective

Parents frequently write to us at Krya asking if using olive oil for baby massage is a good practice and what Ayurveda feels about this. With our worlds being opened up everyday and many of us being seasoned travelers, we come across many new, exciting plant oils and butters from around the world. All of them come with excellent nutritional benefits, and seem like they would be very good for skin. So how do we decide which oil to use while giving our baby a massage?   To choose the right oil, we must first understand WHY we are asked…
Authentic ayurvedic baby care practices

An introduction to Ayurvedic Baby Care

At Krya, we are often asked to describe in detail what the ayurvedic baby care practices are to be followed at home. We are also asked what the science / rationale behind some of these practices are. This is specially asked because in today’s day and age, many traditional baby care practices are being rejected by attending Pediatricians for many reasons. The foremost reason being there is a simple lack of awareness as to why these practices were instituted and the benefits behind the herbs, metals and dravyas which are used in Ayurvedic baby care. Indian traditional medicine is highly…
Krya Blog - all about Rasnadi Churnam

How to use Rasnadi Churnam – A Video Guide

Rasnadi Churnam is a wonderful ayurvedic formulation that can help prevent mucous build-up and heaviness in the head due to Kapha aggravation. What is it and how can we use it effectively? This short blog post and video will explain…

Dry & sensitive skin in babies: an ayurvedic perspective

————————————————- My baby has dry & sensitive skin – how can I help her / him? – this is a question we often receive at Krya. Dry & Sensitive skin: an alarmingly common problem in babies One in 5 children…


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