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Skin care by Ayurveda

Kumkumadi tailam - demystifying

Benefits of Kumkumadi tailam| Decoding its benefits & properties

What are the benefits of Kumkumadi tailam ? What are some of the ingredients used in this classical Ayurvedic formulation? how to use kumkumadi oil? Could there be any side effects if we use the product on the wrong skin type? These are some of the questions  we have attempted to answer in this authoritative guide that helps you decode the many many benefits of kumkumadi tailam.  This post aims to give you authentic information to help you understand if this is the right ayurvedic skin serum for you, and how to craft a good skin care routne with this…

How to manage Atopic dermatitis (eczema) – an ayurvedic approach by Krya

Do you or your child suffer from Atopic dermatitis or dry, itchy, easily irritated skin? Have you been asked to use a special medicated soap or a lotion to help control the skin itchiness? Are you looking for natural remedies and safe skin care alternatives to manage this condition better? Read on for more information on Atopic dermatitis, the extent of the problem, possible causes and triggers and Ayurvedic advice on this condition. What is Atopic dermatitis? Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition where the skin is dry, itchy , sometimes reddish and irritable for a long period of time.…

Krya Body-Washes & Ubtans : Natural Intelligence for your skin

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning in non-human systems is an accepted reality now. If it seems incredible that some human jobs could be replaced by AI, then even more incredible is natural intelligence, which is all around us but often not appreciated. An excellent example of natural intelligence is the interaction of a good Ayurvedic Ubtan or bodywash with your skin. Natural Intelligence for your Skin In the Ayurvedic system, a herb & grain based powder is the ideal recommendation to cleanse skin correctly. for clean, healthy and radiant skin. (they also recommend that you regularly apply a good skin…

What Everyone Must Know about ayurvedic oiling

The practice of ayurvedic oiling , i.e using ayurvedic skin and hair oils is essential for maintaining skin and hair health. Regular ayurvedic oiling improves hair and skin health, helps restore and repair these organ systems, balances dosha imbalances and gives many other important health benefits for the body.   Ayurveda also recommends the balanced consumption of “sneha” or oils & fats to keep the bones and joints in good working condition. Certain organs like the brain and the eyes are high in fat composition so the regular intake of good fats is recommended to keep these organs in good…

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