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Skin care by Ayurveda

krya blog - winter skin care guide

A 6 step Ayurvedic winter skin care guide

Looking for a healthy winter skin care routine to help dry , taut , stretched or dull skin? Synthetic moisturizers are a temporary fix only. They only work on the surface of the skin, leaving it feeling temporarily moisturized. However,…

an ayurvedic oily skincare routine - blog post krya

Oily skincare routine from Ayurveda

If you do a search for oily skincare routine, the following are the most likely results Commit to an oil busting routine, screams one headline. Make sure you exfoliate often to slough off dead cells and keep those pores squeaky…

simple and efefctive ayurvedic skincare routine by krya

Complete Ayurvedic skin care routine in exactly 3 steps

Is your current skincare routine very complex and complicated? Are you concerned about the possible side effects of using synthetics for your skin? Have you been wondering about how Ayurveda can help you build an effective skin care routine? Read…


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