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Preethi Sukumaran

Preethi Sukumaran

Preethi is deeply committed to the formal study and application of the timeless principles of right living as laid down in the Ayurvedic canon. At Krya, her synthesis of ayurvedic principles with botanical expertise drives R&D & Product development. We have over 100 proprietary formulations in the market today which are trusted and loved by our consumers. Preethi is also deeply passionate about building Krya based on the Indic principle that Dharma leads to Artha ; we call this "Dharmic Entrepreneurship". She works with the Krya team on establishing Krya as one of the most trusted wellness brands in the categories we operate in.
Featured image for abhyanga post on menstrual cramps

The Abhyanga and its benefits on reducing period pain & menstrual cramps

An Abhyanga is a valuable Dinacharya which helps regulate dosha balance and overall health in everyone. It is particularly valuable for Women and is an excellent scientific tool that helps regulate reproductive health. A regular abhyanga can help make the menstrual period regular with minimal cramping, bloating and discomfort. Why is this so? In this post we will look at the various benefits that a regular abhyanga has on reproductive health.

Ultimate Guide to A2 Cow Milk Benefits | Properties, Sourcing & Contraindications from Ayurveda

Cow’s milk is an important food in Ayurveda. Regular intake is said to improve ojas, tejas, build good dhatu and positively impacts physical and mental health and nutrient availability in the body. However today we get many varieties of cow’s milk. Are these all the same? What are the a2 cow milk benefits for us? In this article we analyze milks from an ayurvedic perspective . What Milk is widely available in India today? The predominant, widely available milk in India is processed, homogenized, pasteurized milk sourced from large cooperatives and conglomerates. They follow a collection + aggregation model. Here Milk is…
Ayurvedic Healthy eating habits & timings - featured image

What are healthy eating timings according to Ayurveda ?

A common question we get asked at Krya is about healthy eating timings & habits to follow and meal choices at each time. Today, the media is charged with advice on nutrition and the importance of developing healthy eating habits. Often, these so-called studies also become quite contradictory, and we naturally start looking for some genuine and time tested guidance on on ahara (food) and ahara niyama (dietary practices to observe).  A key part of ahara niyama (or healthy eating habits) in Ayurveda is to identify the proper/healthy time to eat. This influences our capacity to digest food and extract…
Authentic ayurvedic baby care practices

An introduction to Ayurvedic Baby Care

At Krya, we are often asked to describe in detail what the ayurvedic baby care practices are to be followed at home. We are also asked what the science / rationale behind some of these practices are. This is specially asked because in today’s day and age, many traditional baby care practices are being rejected by attending Pediatricians for many reasons. The foremost reason being there is a simple lack of awareness as to why these practices were instituted and the benefits behind the herbs, metals and dravyas which are used in Ayurvedic baby care. Indian traditional medicine is highly…

How to manage Atopic dermatitis (eczema) – an ayurvedic approach by Krya

Do you or your child suffer from Atopic dermatitis or dry, itchy, easily irritated skin? Have you been asked to use a special medicated soap or a lotion to help control the skin itchiness? Are you looking for natural remedies and safe skin care alternatives to manage this condition better? Read on for more information on Atopic dermatitis, the extent of the problem, possible causes and triggers and Ayurvedic advice on this condition. What is Atopic dermatitis? Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition where the skin is dry, itchy , sometimes reddish and irritable for a long period of time.…

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